My Birthday Boy

My little boy is turning 10 on Sunday. Double digits! He remembers that double digits meant a little more freedom for his sister so he is very excited.

The funny thing is, he probably already has all the freedoms his sister got when she turned 10. Honestly, it has nothing to do with their age but more how I feel they will handle things. I think we are all just more lenient with the second kid anyway. I already let him ride his bike with friends to the local candy store, walk to meet his friends and other little things that make him feel responsible. I think it’s second kid syndrome. LOL

He had his party last weekend due to the proximity of Christmas and because he’ll be with his dad on Sunday. He invited three boys to go to Dave and Busters. Thank goodness for coupons because that place is not cheap! They had a blast. I didn’t do goody bags because I knew each boy would get something with the tickets they redeemed. We probably spent 30 minutes choosing prizes but in the end, they all got something they really enjoyed. After, we went back to my house for cake and ice cream and the boys played with their new gadgets in the yard.


This was the most simple birthday party I think we have ever had. J has had parties at Build A Bear, NKU’s Game Room, a magician at our house, a Hollywood party at our house and much more. He’s always had at least 12 to 15 kids attend. This was so simple and cost much less than a large party. I had to do very little planning and my mom made a small Pac Man cake instead of a huge cake to feed a dozen kids. He chose this so he was happy. I also didn’t have to deal with a ton of presents right before Christmas. I hope we can continue the simple tradition.

How do you celebrate your kids’ birthdays? Do certain ages mean certain privileges?

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