You Just Don’t Understand…. Crazy Mornings

You know what, I don’t understand and I admit it. This morning was lovely at the Holt house. Joey was crying because his ear infection medicine was nasty. In fact, he was crying so much he almost threw it right back up. Andi walks in to the kitchen five minutes before she has to leave saying “I’m starving and we have nothing to eat.” Really? Nothing to eat at all? I suggest toast and she says the butter tastes nasty. I suggest yogurt, peanut butter toast, strawberries and applesauce or a NutriGrain bar. She then yells “You just don’t understand!” My response: “You’re right, I don’t” and I walked back to my room to finish getting ready for work.

Can someone please tell me what there was to understand? I was a 13-year-old girl (she will be 13 in late May) a long time ago. I do remember being completely crazy and maybe I did throw fits over having nothing to eat even though there were plenty of choices. I’m sure my mom can chime in here. But really, “You just don’t understand” is getting thrown out over what to eat for breakfast? I don’t get it.

It’s time to leave for school when both kids announce they didn’t pack their lunch last night like they were told. Seriously? Luckily they both have money on their lunch account for such emergencies. But what I don’t understand is why they didn’t pack their lunches like they do every single night before school.

I seriously am not one to just go on complaining about my kids. Actually, it drives me crazy when people do that. It was just a very rough morning. So instead of sulking about it all day, I have decided to research the issue a little and see how I can make mornings better and maybe learn to “understand.”

Raising Children Network and Childcare both have some great suggestions on how to deal with the school morning routine and madness.  I am already doing several of the items suggested such as packing lunches the night before (so I thought), getting showers in the evening, laying clothes out, signing items and going through backpacks and giving them the responsibility of setting their alarms to get themselves up.

There are a few things I’m not doing though that I could. I am not a morning person – not at all. My kids aren’t either so we really don’t speak in the mornings until we say goodbye for the day. Everyone just gets ready and it as if no one else is there. So after reading these articles, I’ve decided I need to set a better example. I will try to be happier and more talkative/encouraging in the mornings. They also suggest that we plan breakfast out the night before. I will start that tonight.

What do you do to make morning routines smoother and avoid the madness?

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