Andi’s Version of the High School Transition

Bellevue Beach ParkSo, Andi saw a version of my Transitioning to High School post… well, kind of. It was just word doc with the title. She knew it must have been for my blog so she decided to write her own version. Read it and let her know what you think!


Well my mom’s bloggies (or at least I’m assuming that’s who this is going to. I just found the title and a blank page). Honestly, I’m not that scared. I mean it’s just going to be like middle school you know ‘cuz the building is designed the same way except I am going to be the minion next year, not the headmaster. So pretty much I’m all set in stone. I’m taking journalism- which is going to be easy because I am taking it this year and then I am taking Spanish which I think will be easy ‘cuz lamp is just like el lampo and phone is just like el phono so there is two As there. And I know my mom is probably going to mention how I changed my mind a “million” times on my courses I will have you know I was between 3 classes and I went back and forth a couple of times but only because she was talking me out of taking an AP class ‘cuz she didn’t think I could do it. She was all like, “You know it is just like Social Studies and that is not your forte (okay so maybe she didn’t use that word but I am just trying to get the point across) plus you’re already taking advanced English and Spanish and those are already hard classes bla bla bla”. Therefore transitioning to High School will not be scary and my mom doesn’t need to worry about her “princess” or her “andi pandi the panda bear” or her “little girl”.



Hopefully you realized that she used poor grammar and run on sentences on purpose. I also want you to know that I never tried to talk her out of an AP class and I’m fully aware she can do anything she puts her mind to. I just gave her the facts in order for her to make an informed decision. I let her decide. So do me a favor and comment on this post! Andi will enjoy reading comments on her first ever blog post.

4 thoughts on “Andi’s Version of the High School Transition

  1. Very witty Andi Pandi! While I’m sure both you and Lex both have this all under control, I think what you both have to understand is that you are our babies! It seems like yesterday I was holding my precious baby in my arms and in just a few months she will be heading off to her first day of highschool. Before we know it, college will be here. Lets face it the real world of work and bills…is just around the corner. Take the time to enjoy your youth, your last few years at home with your mama….and please slow down the growing up.


  2. Once again Andi you have demonstrated your confidence, humor and intelligence! Enjoy each and every moment! You are amazing!

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