25 thoughts on “Here We Go Again… Back in the Hospital

  1. Gina, I’m so sorry you, Joey and Andi are going through all of this. It seems so unfair. You are ALL in my prayers. Thinking positive thoughts and sending love, love, love from New Jersey!!!

  2. I have had Joey in my mind the last couple of days and now I know why. Even though we have never met I feel connection to him. Maybe it’s because we experience pain in similar places. Even though we don’t have the same disease. I can only imagine what he is going through and am so impressed by his strength. since the first time I heard his story he has been in my thoughts and prayers. Sending strength and healing thoughts to Joey and the family.

  3. Gina, Joey, and Andi,
    We love you guys so much and are continuously praying for relief. It breaks my heart to see Joe in pain. Gina you are a great mom and are so on top of things, you will find an answer soon. Again we love you guys and pray for strength and most importantly relief and some answers.

  4. Gina, positive thoughts and prayers constantly coming your way! Please keep us posted! I pray the Doctors find the answer quickly so the healing can begin!

  5. I started a prayer chain at our church yesterday and you will remain on the prayer list. You are in Ken’s and my prayers constantly, all of you. Ken caught chipmonk #79 today and he was hapy to be relocated;two more are frolicking about. Christie sends dog kisses.

  6. Love the photo of your family, you can tell how close you all are. I will definitely send you positive thoughts and prayers.

  7. Gina, you and your precious children are in my prayers for answer and Joey back to full health! If there is anything at all I can do for you at work, please let me know.

  8. Gina, I will be thinking of you all and sending you those positive thoughts and prayers as well. If you need anything, anything at all please do not hesitate to ask me. I hope that Andi has an amazing time on her trip, and I saw Heather last night so I know they will take awesome care of Andi and tell Joey I said hello and sending him a giant get well hug– Jodi

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