Could he be Pain-free!?!

The smell of Lysol, crying babies and sterile walls… Chatter in the hallways, mediocre food, beeping IV machines and sleepless hallways… This would be horrible if it wasn’t for the amazing doctors, nurses and staff members at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital who have made a point to make us as comfortable as possible.

Starting to see that smile again

Starting to see that smile again

Joey has been put under three times in the last week for different injections, MRIs and other tests. We don’t have any real answers at this point. But I do have good news. Something worked today… He has ZERO pain right now. He has not screamed out once since the steroid injection this afternoon. He has not had a shooting pain and the aching pain in the hip is gone. For the first time in weeks, he let someone touch his hip and thigh without screaming out. He actually let holistic care massage the area.

He even wobbled to the bathroom without crutches but assistance from me. This might not sound like much to most people but this was HUGE. He has not let that foot touch the ground for weeks.

As of now, the doctors are talking about transferring Joey to the in-patient rehab center so they can get him walking again. This plan could change if the pain returns. Pray that it doesn’t.

As long as things don’t change much, I am going to go to DC with Andi. My incredible friends and family have promised to care for Joey while I’m gone. I am so lucky to have so many amazing people in my life.

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2 thoughts on “Could he be Pain-free!?!

  1. So happy to hear the pain is gone…what a relief for all!!!! I hope Joey continues on his recovery and that you get to go to DC with your daughter. You guys continue to be in my prayers.

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