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super joey

I have told you before that my son is the best superhero I know. He’s amazing. He deals with chronic pain and knowing that he has this rare and crazy disease (LCH) but still finds a way to smile every day, stay positive and make all of us laugh nonstop.  I bet the one thing that would make him happier than anything else in the world is to hear that they found a cure for Histio. We can all help make this happen!

Joey is one of the lucky ones. He had a single bone lesion. That means his cancer-like disease caused his blood cells to attack his hip bone, eating it away. He had a biopsy and bone graft, was treated with steroids, was in a wheel chair a while and went to physical therapy. Boom! He was cured (well sort of – he’s in remission and a lot of pain). He knows the disease can come back at any time and there could be a new lesion but he knows the odds are in his favor that if it even returned, it would be in the bone again. Histio can also attack your skin or organs but luckily Joey is at low risk for this.  Kids go through chemotherapy treatments and bone marrow transplants because of this scary disease. Moms and dads lose their children to this disease when it attacks the organs. No one should have to die, have an organ transplant or a fake bone in their body because of this rare (or rarely diagnosed) disease!

Unfortunately, Histio doesn’t get a lot of funding for research. Without research, they can’t find a cause. Without a known cause, they can’t prevent it. Without research, they can’t find a cure. Without a cure, people will continue to live with this scary disease and some lives will be lost. So now you are wondering how you can help, right? I’m going to tell you.

Team Super Joey is going to participate in the Histio Hike Ohio in September. Our team is currently made up of my incredible son Joey, my amazing daughter Andi, the fabulous Nick and me. We have set a goal to raise $1000 for Histio research. You can help us reach that goal. Any donation, whether it’s $1 or $100 will help us reach our goal and help Histio research. Also, if you are interested in participating in the hike and being part of team Super Joey, just leave a comment on the blog and I’ll contact you.

I hope you will consider helping us find a cure for this horrible disease. Joey, Andi and I want you to know how much we appreciate every donation and your constant support.

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4 thoughts on “Team Super Joey

  1. I will help in every way I can. Sent out a request for everyone I know to help out! Team Super Joey Rocks!!!! 🙂

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