High School V. Middle School

I have been writing about a lot of intense stuff lately – Heroin, Histio, Heroin, Histio… To be honest, I need a break and I think you do too. So let’s talk about what else has been going on in my house since August 20. Andi and Joey are back in school!! Wohoo! Oops, did I type that. 🙂 They are both at new schools. Joey has started middle school and Andi has started high school. Big steps!

first day of school andifirst day of school joey










Seriously, how cute are they?

I wrote a post in January, while choosing Andi’s high school classes, called Transitioning to High School. Andi saw this post and decided to write her own response, which is a must read. Andi states in her post “I am taking Spanish which I think will be easy ‘cuz lamp is just like el lampo and phone is just like el phono.” Well she has quickly figured out that Spanish is not that easy. She has to study words like “el lampo” at least 30 minutes every night. Neither Nick or I know Spanish. Well I can count to 10 and ask you what’s up. Que Pasa? But that is about it.

spanishShe was super frustrated over the weekend that neither of us could ask her questions in Spanish. “All you have to do is read what it says and I’ll answer in Spanish.” Well how on earth would I know what it says? I can try to pronounce it but seriously, it’s a foreign language. She totally lucked out though. Her younger brother, you know… the one she picks on and gives a hard time… the cute blonde boy pictured above… yes Joey… he knows Spanish! Well he knows it better than any of us. The elementary school implemented a Spanish program (after Andi of course) so Joey has been learning for years. He is able to study with her. He can actually read the words the way they are supposed to be said and he understands Andi when she answers. Thank goodness for little brothers – right Andi?

She does seem to like her journalism class even though she is one of only four or five freshman in the class. I think she’s happy she passed on AP Geography even though she was back and forth a hundred times (see her own response above). Physics seems to be kicking her butt but she knows we’ll get a tutor if needed.

I’m guessing that being able to leave campus for lunch is her favorite part of high school.

Now let’s talk about my Super Joey! That boy cracks me up. He’s loving middle school. His elementary class had about 100 kids – only about 20 were boys. I guess the odds were good if you wanted a date in the fifth grade but I think he is excited to meet more boys this year. He’s already made a few new friends. He is enjoying going to football games, kickoff parties and having a  variety of classes.

It’s funny how different my kids personalities are. I found out that Joey was front and center dancing and playing games at the middle school kickoff. He’s a true extrovert. Andi on the other hand likes to sit back and observe. They are both amazing kids and I am excited about the next few years of their lives. I’d just like them to slow down! 🙂

Well, have to sign off and go shopping for an el lampo! Let me know how the school year is going for your kids!

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