7 thoughts on “At Least It’s Not Cancer…

  1. Just came across this and couldn’t have said it better myself. I hate when I tell the other moms in hem/onc that my child doesn’t have cancer and I actually get dirty looks. While my child has been on chemo for 4 years with no end insite we have been to tons of last treatments parties for his friends with cancer that have gone into remission. Yes cancer sucks but I two have thought why can’t he just have cancer???

  2. Ouch! Some people have no clue, I am so sorry that they actually say that to you! I think having a disease that has been known as well as known cures for it, would be easier to handle then something like histiocytosis that Dr’s hardly know anything about.

  3. I love how you and your family are turning this into an opportunity to spread the word about Langerhans Cell Histiocytosis . I have been in your shoes when well meaning people say the dumbest things! Thank you for sharing this! I pray for you often,

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