About the Author

My kids are no longer tweens but I started this blog in 2011 when they were. Andi is now 16 and Joey is 14. I have added a husband, three step-children (24, 21 & 20) and a granddaughter to the mix in the last few years. I honestly started blogging so I could learn how it works before we started one at work. I fell in love with it though and decided to keep it going.

I worked as a reporter for 10 years. I wrote features, investigative news, lifestyle stories and pretty much anything you can think of. I left the newspaper business in 2007 and entered the field of public relations. Raising2tweens allows me to continue writing and to choose the topics I want to cover. I often write about family, saving money, health (we’ve had our share of health issues), travel, food, entertainment and whatever is on my mind that day. You will often find awesome giveaways and reviews as well.

I can be reached directly at gina5620@gmail.com.



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