About the Author

I started this blog (formerly known as Raising Two Tweens) when my children were 11 and 9. It started as a way for me to learn how to blog for work, It eventually became an outlet for me when my son was diagnosed with a rare disease (later classified as cancer). I fell in love with blogging, which was no surprise since I spent 10 years as a reporter for local magazines and newspapers.

I originally named the blog Raising Two Tweens but my kids grew up and we outgrew the name. I chose Write Across the River because I live in Northern Kentucky, which is right across the river from Cincinnati. Seriously, I live less than five minutes from downtown. Any time we travel and tell people where we are from they look mystified that we don’t have a southern accident until I explain that we live right across the river.

You will find posts about family, saving money, health (we’ve had our share of health issues), travel, food, entertainment and whatever is on my mind that day. You will often find awesome giveaways and reviews as well.

I can be reached directly at gina5620@gmail.com. Thanks for reading!



4 thoughts on “About the Author

  1. I have 2 h.s. daughters. Both are doing College Credit Plus. My older daughter is the only student in our school (320+ students in 9-12) participating. My youngest is starting this year. I found your article insightful and interesting. Thanks!

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