Rockin’ For Histio

So 25 of my closest friends and I rocked for a cure for Histio this past weekend at The Rusty Ball in Cincinnati. We purchased our $75 tickets, put on Rockin’ For Histio shirts, featuring Histio warriors Joey and Ian, and danced our hearts out to some awesome 80’s music.

The Rusty Griswolds, an 80’s cover band, always put on one heck of a show, no matter where they play, but the Rusty Ball is the EVENT of the year. There were hundreds of baskets in the basket raffle containing gift certificates, cash, lottery tickets, wine, food and so much more. There had to be nearly 1000 auction items. Our Lady Antebellum autographed guitar went for about $500! That’s a profit of $500 for Histio! Tiffany, the pop artist from the 80’s, even sang a few songs.

The Duke Energy Center was filled with about 3000 people! R2D2, the DeLorean and the Ghost Busters vehicle were there! Reds and Bengals mascots made their way around the crowd throughout the night. Beach balls were being bopped around. Bob Herzog, local 12 news, even sang and danced for us.

My group of 25 met at my house for a few snacks and beverages before the event and then headed to the ball. I joke as I say 25 of my closest friends because honestly, I had not even met some of these people before. Some were just acquaintances, while others were very close friends and family. The thing we all have in common… we want to find a cure for Ian, Joey and all the other kids and adults stricken with Histio. You see, when they bought their tickets, they could have chosen from more than 150 beneficiaries to receive the profits. But they all chose Histio. I will forever have a special place in my heart for those 25 people and the choice they made.

It was definitely a night of memories for me. We had a ball at The Rusty Ball! I hope you will consider going next year and choosing the Histiocytosis Association as your beneficiary. Enjoy the pics and like Raising2tweens on Facebook!

When Adults Take Time to Have Fun

My children’s Education Foundation Board puts on a dance every year as a fundraiser. It always has a theme and probably 90 percent of the people come in costume. They also have a popular local band play the event. The admission price, $35, includes light appetizers and a great time!

rusty griswolds

The Rusty Griswolds

Parents, who I see everyday rushing their kids to and from school and soccer practice, stressed out over homework and all while working 40 hours a week , take this one night a year to just cut loose. They ditch the yoga pants or suits and dress to fit the theme. This year’s theme was Reel Fun. It was kind of Hollywood style. People came as movie stars, theater ushers, film crew and their favorite TV and movie characters. Everyone enjoyed the cash bar and danced all night to the Rusty Griswolds.

The Griswolds are a local 80’s band that has been playing in the Cincinnati area for several years. They were also dressed for the occasion. Women who are usually ready to pull their hair out from their busy schedules were on stage dancing with the band. Marilyn Monroe, Joe Dirt, the cast of The Walking Dead and A League of the Their Own, Pink Ladies, Taylor Swift and Cat Woman filled the dance floor. Once the dance ended at midnight, several of the attendees, in their costumes, went to a nearby bar to dance even more.

We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together!

We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together!

Throughout the evening I had a chance to talk to parents who I usually just see in passing. I also met a lot of people for the first time. It was awesome to make new friends and get to have fun with people I already knew. We were able to just have fun with people we will see for at least 12 years of our lives and not worry about the kids for just a little while (BTW, the local YMCA always offers a lock-in the night of the dance).

It was an awesome reminder that we need to take time for ourselves, step outside the box and go have fun without the kids. How do you take time for yourself?

baseball team