Enjoying a Lazy Day

lazy dayI am always on the go. I am constantly running between work, soccer, Odyssey of the Minds, speech competitions, doctor appointments and meetings all while trying to have some what of a social life.

Once in a while, I need a day of doing nothing! I spent most of Sunday doing just that and doing it alone. It was FANTASTIC! I cuddled up with the dog, watched Snapped, took a long nap, ate leftover Chinese takeout, watched more Snapped and enjoyed my alone time.

My friend Jessica gets it. She spent her Sunday doing the same thing at her own house. We both value those rare day where can just be all by ourselves doing nothing at all. It’s probably because we are both home-bodies to some extent. Most of our friends and family don’t get it though. They can’t understand how we can spend a whole day doing nothing. I can’t understand how they wouldn’t want to be completely alone doing nothing from time to time.

Are you someone who is always on the go or do you like that time off from the world once in and a while?