To Leave or Not to Leave

my cutie kids

my cutie kids

How do you choose between children? I have two children. I have an almost 14-year-old daughter who is finishing up her last year in middle school and an 11-year-old son who is finishing up his last year of elementary school but is in the hospital. My daughter’s 8th grade class leaves for DC tomorrow night and I’m supposed to be on that bus. But my son… What do I do?

My son Joey is in the hospital with unexplained shooting pain in his leg and refuses to put weight on his leg. Doctors are doing test after test to try to figure out what’s going on. I have stayed with him around the clock. My daughter Andi has been passed among family members and friends for the last two weeks. Her routine has been a mess. The last year has been hard on all of us since Joey’s diagnosis of LCH and his hip bone graft. I was looking forward to having time away with her and seeing her have fun with her friends.

Joey will probably be at Cincinnati Children’s the rest of the week. They are talking about admitting him to physical therapy rehab so they can get him walking again. This is assuming they find nothing serious in the testing today. I would obviously stay if they find something serious. But I have friends and family who are willing to stay with him around the clock if I go to D.C.

Not only would a lot of money be lost (did not get insurance on trip – duh! I know) but my daughter would be upset if I didn’t go. Plus she’d worry about her brother. She would try to understand I need to be with him but she is only 14.

I know if I go and something happens, I could jump on a plane immediately. We know that the Histio is not back and that it is not life-threatening. So the chances of a big emergency happening are pretty slim.

So what do I do? I want to hear your thoughts…

P.S. Before being put under for tests today, Joey said “Mom, Andi will only have this trip once in her life. I will probably have at least 10 more procedures. Go with her.”